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About us

We are Store Group. A community of retail and hospitality spaces across Greater Manchester. Our values are rooted in tradition but our vision is focused on the future of retail. We provide a unique offering to our customers. Working with local suppliers to source the finest quality products.

At Store Group, we are dedicated to creating unique customer experiences throughout our operations. How we engage and connect with our community is always a priority to delivering that service.

Mital Morar is the founder of Store Retail Group, a convenience and foodservice business that also works with independent and community based F&B companies to increase their profile within their local communities through his many stores by selling their goods.

As a family man, it is ever more important Mital puts his passion for food and drink to be more relevant for the needs of the current and future generations with in local communities. Operating unique stores in Manchester allows Mital to evolve and develop his business to adapt to any demographic. The skills and stock needed to serve any type of clientele are all in place and ready to grow.

Our brands

Our three core brands establish a triangle of service to
our customers. Inter-linked at each touchpoint to ensure
cross brand resonance and engagement.


General Store


Food & Beverage




A Convenient Store


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